Right now…

Geschrieben in Familie, Baby, Linus, Gutes von Anna am 26. January 2018

…staying up late due to birthday preparations. Exactly four years ago I was heavily in labour, so glad I was finally allowed into the Kreißsaal after so many hours with contractions, which weren’t “real”, as the midwifes told me. Yeah right, felt real to me ;-)


It still took some long hours till our baby boy was really there, and I was so relieved and proud when I finally held him in my arms :-) It was a good birth. Still very thankful for that. And for so much more.


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  1. 27. January 2018 um 09:41

    Melanie schrieb:

    A very happy Birthday Linus!
    Those Birthdays always takes one right back 😊.
    Have a lovely day altogether and a lot of fun during the party.

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