Tales from the office II

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Heute Nacht habe ich von Exceltabellen geträumt. Sagt das ‘was über mein Praktikum aus? ;-)

L is for lovely little Lisa

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Umschlag Detailb.jpg

This post features the birthday present I made for my little sister Lisa, who turned 19 on Friday. She loves books, especially when they are beautiful and I wanted to give her a whole bunch of books, some of which are beautiful by their content, but were already hand-me-downs when I got them. So I made a special bookcover for my special sister to go with the second hand books (and any other book that fits into it and needs a little beautifying). It is made from fabric (with an iron-on-interfacing). I stitched her initial on white felt, which I ironed on the bookcover and secured with stítches. She really loved it and I am very happy about that. Here are some photos:


Multitasking on Sunday: working on my termpaper and finishing the bookcover 

L is for lovely little Lisa.jpg
Umschlag 3.jpg

Für Jan und Zak: Hier ist Lisas Geburtstagsgeschenk. Es ist eine Buchhülle. Ich habe sie aus Stoff genäht, und Lisas Initial aufgestickt. :-)

I’m still alive!

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Auch, wenn ich nicht so selten wie zwei liebe Menschen mit “milkbrain” schreibe, war ich doch zugegebenermaßen sehr schreibfaul die letzten Tage. Ich gelobe Besserung! (Vielleicht ;-) Und heut abend gibts ein Foto von Lisas Geburtstagsgeschenk, versprochen :-)

Thats what we do for couple-quality-time:

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Going to the hairdresser together :-)

Haarige Sache
Haar hinten

Und für Jan und Zak: Das machen wir, wenn wir einen netten gemeinsamen Abend verbringen wollen: Wir gehen zusammen zum Friseur.

Und für Kerstin:

Cherry blossoms 6
Ich wünsche euch eine zauberhafte Mittwochnacht :-)

weekend roundup

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Annas Krams 012
Annas Krams 015
(much text and unrelated photos :-) 

Hello my lovelies! How was your weekend? My was so so. It started perfect on Friday evening when Daniel and me met my sweet sister Lisa and her boyfriend/my really good friend/ Daniel’s ex-Stavo-partner Jan and his brother Tim with his girlfriend Ronja at the Dom (Hamburg’s big big fair) (whoo, that relationship-explaning was complicated ;-)). We did some extensive people-watching and Dom-food-eating (wie zum Beispiel gebrannte Mandeln und Schmalzkuchen) and had a jolly time. Lisa forced us to buy Santa-Claus-hats, which turned out very useful, as everyone of our six-member-party wore one  and finding our group was made very easy (because nobody else would wear such a hat in November. There seems to be at least some sense left in people. But apparently not in us :-)) They (the hats) even had jingle bells!Saturday started also very nice, with a sleep-in, .. and a long breakfast with magazine reading and Brötchen that Daniel bought for us. Then, as reported, cookie-baking. Then the not-so-nice thing started: Trying to work for my termpaper. I worked on it, yes, but the results (even now, on Sunday evening) are quite meagre, so to speak. I won’t go further into it (not pleasant for anyone), but it does not feel very good. I hope it will go more smoothly some time soon…

So my Sunday (and Daniels Sunday too) was filled with much feels-like-work-but-has-no-nice-results-to-show-for-it. Ok, we (ok, Daniel) made a yummy just-put-everything-together-soup and I started a perfect new little crafty project (which I cannot show and talk about much). The problem with that one is, that it is soo addictive. I love working on it. It has to do with embroidery. So. Thats all info I can give :-) At least the weather fitted our not-so-happy mood :-) Wow, I should perhaps call this post the hyphen-histeria-post. What do you think?

Earl Grey- Kekse

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Earl Grey Kekse Mehl
Earl Grey Kekse Teig

Today I baked Earl-Grey-Cookies after a recipe from the Brigitte-magazine. I was so excited when I read the recipe about two weeks ago and planned baking them ever since, since Daniel and I absolutely love Earl-Grey tea and cookies. And come on: sweet cookies flavored with Earl Grey tea leaves? How perfect is that? Still I was a little suspicious if it would be really that perfect. To cut it short: Those are so crazy delicious! Every time I go into the kitchen, I HAVE to eat one. And here we face my main problem with the recipe: The resulting amount of cookies is just too small! By far! Ok, I should have been a little more careful - read: shouldn’t have burned about one third - but still: Tomorrow they will definitely been gone. The info “can be kept for about 2 weeks” is totally useless in this household.

Earl Grey Kekse 3
Earl Grey Kekse 2
Earl Grey Kekse 1
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